Local food. On blockchain. On vacation.

Local Food is a trading platform built on Corda that uses DLT to track the origin of local food from farms to restaurants. Tourists get to know their food. Farmers get to know the people they feed. Made to advance sustainability along the food supply chain.

How it works

Our DLT platform provides the trust and privacy restaurants and food producers need to trade among themselves and brand their food as local. Our consumer platform makes it possible for both tourist and locals to find sustainable food, eat it with friends and provide direct feedback to everyone involved in their meal.


Local Food helps create demand for sustainable food in restaurants, increases the shelf-life of ingredients by 2 days and reduces the carbon footprint in the food supply chain.


Local Food ensures a fair economic return in the supply chain.

Blockchain provides the trust necessary for restaurants and producers to trade with one another.


of added value becomes distributable among the food supply chain participants.


Local Food is the place to taste a new ingredient, join a pub crawl and find friends to eat and chat with.

Local Food is part of R3 Venture Development Program

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